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January 7, 2018

Want to do something so rewarding, much needed and completely fun with your spare time? Become a foster parent….for CATS!

I have been doing this for a short 6 months and surprisingly have already seen a whole host of cats adopted to loving forever homes!  Before becoming a “foster mom”, I often wondered, “how can all the homeless cats possibly find forever homes? How could there be enough people who care?”  I felt helpless and often times, hopeless, as I knew that the situation with cats not spayed or neutered was endless!

But then I started working with Kitty Cat PALS, taking one cat at a time into my home.  My helplessness soon ended and I had new hope for cats!

It was really neat to pick up a cat from an “intake cage” after having been rescued, and often stressed and scared, and bring him to my “home” environment with hopes of soon finding him a loving forever home!  I looked at it like I was buying him some time….quality time with love and enrichment until his “next chapter” in life was to begin.  Fostering takes cats out of cages and puts them into “love”.

Fostering cats is EXTREMELY rewarding! From the time you meet them when they are stressed, out of sorts, scared, jaded, and often untrusting, you watch them and facilitate their positive growth and change. It’s often difficult not to get too attached to them as you take them on as your own, but once you realize that what you are doing is only a “very important” stepping stone in their socialization and providing for them a loving and nurturing environment, you begin to get excited about “their” futures with potential matches!

When it all comes together, it’s really very magical! Fostering cats has restored my faith in humanity in that I realize that there are more people out there than I ever could have imagined who are reaching out to animals – people who still have compassion, who care, and want to help! As a foster parent, you meet all sorts of people from all walks of life, but the one thing they all have in common is that they love cats and want what is best for them in the end!

If YOU want to make a difference in the world….one snowflake or one raindrop at a time…. reach out, be a foster parent for CATS! 



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